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This thesis is an annotated translation consisting of a translation and translator’s arguments for choosing the equivalents of a number of translation units which are deemed to cause translation problems. The source text of this study is a comic book entitled Psychiatric Tales. The researcher used all contents of the comic book as research corpus. The translation methods applied in this study are communicative and semantic methods. In order to solve translation problems, the researcher applied several translation procedures. The annotation data were found to be related to several psychiatric nursing terms, metaphors, idioms, and onomatopoeias. This study shows that most of the translation units had to be translated using the communicative method even though the source text is a creative text. Moreover, the translator has taken account of the visual elements of the comic book and made use of informal language register. In conclusion, the translation of a comic book that contains psychiatric nursing terms and concepts requires particular attention because of the creative and informative nature of the text. 


Translation; Annotated Translation; Translation Method; Translation Procedure; Comic.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17510/paradigma.v9i1.256

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