Andika Hendra Mustaqim


The main objective of this research are mapping and exploring the oppression and resistance of the main character in Pohon Api by Oka Rusmini based on intersexionality perspective. The research approach is qualitative with analytical method. The result of the research is Kekayi, the main character in the short story Pohon Api by Oka Rusmini, is a character who is in "intersection". She faces a series of oppression, discrimination, harassment, and unpleasant events for her that come from all corners of the "intersection". Then, when bad treatment is manifested, it will form a particular pattern that becomes habitual and eventually becomes an ideology. Furthermore, Kekayi has the capital to become a strong woman. That power is something given by the Almighty. However, she is also a female learner who wants to always want to be equal with men. 


Opression; Resistance; Intertextuality; Oka Rusmini


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