Analysis of Audience Reception on Youtube towar d Gender Construction in the Music Video If I Were a Boy by Beyonce Knowles

Ria Avriyanty


Youtube is one of the favorite sites to share videos. Moreover,it facilitates the users to give a free anddirect comment toward the videos they watch. The research examines the music video entitled If I Were aBoy (2010) by Beyonce Knowles as well as the authentic responses from the viewers in Youtube. I argue
that this music video creates a conventional gender construction which perpetuates the patriarchalnorms in the society. As an attempt to give a new perspective on the similar kind of research, I donot stop at this point. Applying the concept of encoding-decoding by Stuart Hall (1973), I found the
audiences being critical which can be seen from the total number of the responses and the controversywithin. In accordance to the three hypothetical position argued by Hall, I found a different portion ofthe audience in each position. As a matter of fact, this phenomenon contributes to the cyber culture inwhich Youtube is seen as a functional space to make meaning of a digital text and negotiate with theconstructed stereotype by giving responses.


Youtube; Music Video; Encoding-Decoding; Gender Construction; Audience Position


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