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Misty poetry or 朦胧诗 menglongshi is a poem that appeared in the era of the 70s during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). The emergence of a new kind of poetry that is different from the previous poem marks a new way of writing poetry in China. Its uniqueness is in wordplay, metaphor, synesthesia, and symbols that are not open to its meaning. This new type of Misty poem also received attention from the Chinese government, because behind the symbols and sequence of sentences contain thoughts that are considered not in accordance with the government. Among these Misty wing poets, Bei Dao and Gu Cheng were two important poets. This paper reviews two poems of Bei Dao and two poems by Gu Cheng on the intrinsic element that contains imagery and style of language to understand the meaning. Furthermore, In order to support the analysis, this research also reviews the extrinsic elements to gain the whole meaning of the poetry. Therefore, the explanation of the Cultural Revolution is very important for this analysis. This analysis will explain how this Misty poems play an important role to explain the Cultural Revolution through the works of Bei Dao and Gu Cheng.





Modern Chinese Poetry ; Misty Poems; Menglongshi; Cultural Revolution ; Gu Cheng; Bei Dao


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